Account Mitra is one of the best accounting software developed by Niveosys Technologies Pvt.Ltd. This accounting software will integrate all the financial activities of your organization in a well-ordered fashion. Recently, most of the business organizations use accounting software for the purposes of internal and external audits, creating reports and financial statements to meet legal or internal managerial requirements. Account Mitra connects all the back office tasks like cash planning, financial reports, credit management, etc. Accounting professionals can reduce complex calculations and paper works by simply integrating this software with their organization. This software is suitable for managing financial details of small, medium, and large sized organizations. The managers and accounting professionals will get timely and accurate accounting information for making decisions. Account Mitra is typically less expensive, easy to implement and can be customized according to customer needs. Some features of Account Mitra are provided below.

    Point of Sales : The POS facility help the user to complete the billing process quicker than the traditional approach. Similar products are grouped into folders and they can be accessed with a single click. POS provides all the functionalities of the traditional manual sales module.

    Support Multi Languages : Account Mitra is a user-friendly software that supports both English and Arabic languages. Users can change their language preference during login.

    Payroll Management : The payroll management module is a cost-effective method for managing the financial records of employees effectively. This module optimizes the complete process and maintains payroll information securely.

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