About us

AccountMitra is the platform that lists all the software products developed by Niveosys Technologies Pvt.Ltd. In this platform, you can find all the important information regarding our developed software. We serve ERP’s for different industry sectors like textiles, supermarkets, construction, workshops, service centre, schools, and more. We have created this software after carefully examining the requirements of each of these sectors and to improve the quality of offered services.

Why we are important

AccountMitra platform includes major products designed and developed by our expert team of developers having years of experience in the industry. All our offered ERP’s will satisfy the up-to-date requirements of every category of users, from small to large scale enterprises. These are our completely-tested software products that are already using by many customers around the globe. In order to make our software easily adaptable with your organization, we customize all your softwares as per your requirements.

By using this platform, users will get an in-depth understanding of our offered products, including the major modules, features, advantages, and more. This will help them to understand whether our software is beneficial for them or not. The accuracy of our software products is highly appreciated by our customers. All the mentioned software products in the AccountMitra platform contain a report module, that automatically creates accurate and powerful financial and non-financial reports for evaluating your business growth, tax purposes, and more.