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AccountMitra Service Centre Software: Solution for the Servicing Industry Needs

Service Centres with AccountMitra means better management with accurate accounting and reports.

Customer Management

AccountMitra collects and stores all basic information related to the customers along with the details of the product they need to service.

Employee Management

Manage the details of every employee at your service centre. There will be separate login credentials for each user who require software access.

Inventory Management

This module will manage the purchase and sale of different quality replacement parts and other products. Using the inventory module, the current stock of every product can be viewed.

Accounts & Invoicing

With AccountMitra, you can manage basic accounting of your organization along with invoicing. The customized and professional-looking invoices are used for billing purposes.


The payroll module in AccountMitra is used for calculating the monthly salary of every employee. This module will also include calculations for PF, TA, bonus, and more.

Job Card

A job card will be given for every product that needs to be serviced. This will contain the details of customers, product specifications, service requirements, and more.

SMS module

The SMS module in AccountMitra will help you to communicate with the customers through text messages. Text messages will be sent automatically when the service status is updated.


The financial and non-financial reports generated by AccountMitra will help you to monitor the status of every present and past works. Reports related to customers, technicians, inventory, stock, accounts, etc… will be provided.

The workflow of AccountMitra Service Centre Software

Cloud-based AccountMitra software will be accessible from anywhere with internet access and the data will be updated in real-time. This will help you to combine data from different branches of your service centre. The desktop version of the software is also available.

Our Service Centre software has separate modules for front-office and technician modules. The front-office will collect products for servicing and manage customer relationships. The technicians will update the status of each of their assigned work and also can request for required parts.

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