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Hotel Management Made Easy With Account Mitra

A complete software to manage your hotels, motels, resorts, restaurants, hostels.

All-in-One Solution

Connect multiple systems performing different functionalities of various departments from the front office to laundry.

Guest Satisfaction

Faster, smoother and automated hotel management operations will reduces guest complaints.


The cloud-based Account Mitra hotel software can be accessed from anywhere, anytime with up-to-date details.

Touch Screen Interface

The well-organized, user-friendly interface will accelerate the working of different departments.

Online Booking

The web-based reservation system allow guests to book rooms online by checking the availability of rooms and rates.


Generates various error-free financial and non-financial reports based on the collected details.


Includes basic accounting details like payments, receipts, billings, etc.


Simplifies employee management and salary calculation of your business.

A Software To Handle Your Restaurant Operations

Account Mitra NivHMS can be customized into an excellent restaurant management software. This customized software can manage each and every restaurant operations from billing to food preparation and staff management. The stock consumption, yield management, pricing strategies, etc. are included in this software.

No More Confusions in Room Allocation

Rooms can be allocated to guests using different methods. Some, reserve rooms online and others will use the direct booking facilities. This software makes this process simplified by displaying real-time data to the end-users.

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