Link your Employees with the Software

Employees working in the organization will require access to the software. An authorized person like administrator will register new or existing employees. They are provided with a unique username and password(can be changed if the employee has permission). Also, the corresponding roles for them are inserted from this section.

The procedure for user registration includes :-

Step 1 : Open the submenu User.

Step 2 : Insert valid data to the fields user name, email, password and select the role from the dropdown menu.

Step 3 : Click on the button Save for storing these details to the database.

For deleting an existing user :-

Step 1 : Select the user from the table on the right of the User window or search the employee by entering the name on the textbox above the table.

Step 2 : After selection, the employee details will be displayed on the left of the window.

Step 3 : Click on the button Delete for removing that employee.

How Do I Change my Login Password ?

The first password for a user is created by the person who registers. So, for ensuring more security to their data they can change their login password from this section. The simple steps for changing the password are :-

Step 1 : Log in to the system with your existing password.

Step 1 : Click on the submenu Change Password under General.

Step 1 : Enter your user name, current password and new password in corresponding fields.

Step 1 : Click on the Save button for storing the new password.

How To Secure my Data ?

Making regular backups of the accounting database will secure data. The backup option will store the database securely in the backup path provided. This software doesn’t erase the previous backup. Instead, it will create another copy at the location.

Step 1 : Select the Backup menu from General.

Step 2 : Select “Yes” for the confirmation question if you need to take backup. Else, select “No”.

Step 3 : If no backup path is selected previously, then select the location to which the backup files need to be stored.

Step 4 : The .bak file will be stored to the selected location(multiple backups will generate multiple .bak files).

How To Restore Secured files ?

A user can restore the backup of the database from a list of backup files stored in the selected location. The steps for restoring the files are listed below.

Step 1 : Selected the submenu Restore from the General section.

Step 2 : Select the backup location in your system.

Step 3 : Select the .bak file that you need to be restored.

Step 4 : Click on the button Open for restoring the selected .bak file.

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