Estimate POS

Estimate POS and Estimate Bill has the same functions. The method used for entering the items into the table varies in both. In estimate bill, the products are entered directly from the table. But in estimate POS, barcode reading and searching are possible.

The steps are listed below for creating a quotation using estimate POS.

Step 1 : Go to Inventory and select Estimate POS.

Step 2 : Select the customer from the dropdown(Cash/Party).

Step 3 : Select the sales rate type from the dropdown.

Step 4 : Press F1 or select the textbox above the table and scan barcode. Also, users can search for products by clicking the Search button.

Step 5 : Insert the quantity of product.

Step 6 : For providing a discount, enter the discount percentage or amount in the textbox below the table.

Step 7 : Click the button Save or Save Print(For preview select the checkbox next to Save Print or Ctrl+P).

Step 8 : For creating a new estimate bill, click the button New.

Manufacturing Journal

The manufacturing journal will record of products that are manufactured by the company. The products required for manufacturing, quantity manufactured and other expenses can be recorded in this journal. Only those products that are stored as Manufacturing product from Master Product can be included in this section.

The procedure for creating manufacturing journals in Account Mitra are listed below.

Step 1 : Go to inventory and select the Manufacturing Journal.

Step 2 : Select the product that is manufactured from the dropdown menu and enter the quantity produced.

Step 3 : In the table below, enter the items and quantity required for producing that product.

Step 4 : Insert additional expenses in the second table.

Step 5 : The cost for each quantity and the production cost will be displayed.

Step 6 : Click the button Save.

Step 7 : For creating a new manufacturing journal, click the button New.

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