How to Begin

Technical Details

Language of Implementation : C# and SQL

Software requirements : .Net Framework 4.5, MS SQL Database

Operating System : Windows 2007 and above

After the installation of Account Mitra in your windows system, you can start it by double clicking the Account Mitra icon from the desktop or by following the path Windows icon All programs Account Mitra. Now a login window will appear.

Only authorized individuals with valid username and password can log into the software. A virtual keyboard is also provided in the bottom of the page for easy access. You can access the virtual keyboard by clicking on the keyboard icon. The steps for logging in are :-

    Step 1 : Enter the valid user name provided by the developer in the field under the text “User name”.

    Step 2 : Enter the valid password provided by the developer in the field under the text “Password”.

    Step 3 : If you have multi-language supporting feature, select your preferred language from the drop-down menu.

    Step 4 : After entering required information you can click on the Login button.

After successful login, you need to enter some basic details manually and need to change the username and password for security reasons. The basic information that you need to enter manually are :-

    Company details.

    Roles and set privilege for each role.

    Users details.

    Financial year details and previous balance.

    Printer settings.

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