In Account Mitra, the master module is designed for entering basic accounting information. Details regarding products, contacts, accounts, and godown are entered manually by the user. Most of the accounting operations will be carried out depending on this inserted information.

Grouping of Accounts

Grouping of similar accounts to a single group will simplify the task of users. Account Mitra already has a list of accounts and these accounts are merged into specific groups. But, users can add new accounts or can edit/delete existing account groups.

Following are the steps for grouping accounts :-

Step 1 : Select the Submenu Account Group from the Master Section.

Step 2 : Before creating a new account, check it in the register on the right side by entering the account name.

Step 3 : If the account doesn’t exist, then click on the button New.

Step 4 : Fill the required details and select the account group from the dropdown menu

Step 5 : Save the added details.

Steps for deleting an account are :-

Step 1 : Select submenu Account Group.

Step 2 : Select the account to be deleted from the register(table) on the right.

Step 3 : After selection, the details will be displayed in respective fields to the left of the form.

Step 4 : Click the Delete button to remove the account.

Creating Account Ledgers

A ledger is a record of a company’s financial transactions. Balance sheet and income statements are stored as general ledger accounts. A list of some important account ledgers is already included in this accounting software. New account ledgers can be added and existing can be deleted from this section. This account ledger has future use in many other modules of Account Mitra. For creating new account ledgers, the steps are listed below.

Step 1 : Open the submenu Account Ledger from the Master section.

Step 2 : Check whether the ledger already exists by searching the register on the right.

Step 3 : If the ledger doesn’t exist, then click the button new and fill the required information in appropriate fields to the left.

Step 4 : Click the button Save.

The following are the steps for deleting an existing ledger.

Step 1: Select submenu Account Ledger.

Step 2: Search the ledger in the table on the right and select it.

Step 3: Check the details visible on the left of the form and click the button Delete to remove it.

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