Manage Employee Details

Account Mitra will simplify the task of maintaining the records of employees. An authorized user needs to manually enter the details of employees with an employee code. The basic information of the employees can be viewed in this section. Also, their basic salary and pay heads are added from this module for easy and accurate salary calculation.

Following are the steps for creating/updating/deleting employee details,

Step 1 : Select the submenu Employee from the Payroll section.

Step 2 : For registering a new employee.

    Step 2.1 : Click the button New on the bottom of the page.

    Step 2.2 : Enter employee details and his/her salary details.

    Step 2.3 : For inserting payroll heads, select the pay head from the dropdown menu in the table(bottom of the form). Enter the amount for “no percent” type pay head in the last column of the table.

    Step 2.4 : Click the button Save.

Step 3 : For deleting/updating details of registered employees.

    Step 3.1 : Select the employee to be deleted/updated from the table on the right top of the form.

    Step 3.2 : For updating, edit the data and click the button Update.

    Step 3.3 : For deleting, click the button Delete.

Monthly Salary Settings

Salary settings for every month will vary. The number of working days and other extra information regarding a particular month can be set using Account Mitra. A user can insert/delete/update this information. The procedure is listed below.

Step 1 : Select the submenu Monthly Salary Settings from the Payroll section.

Step 2 : For inserting details, click on the button New and add the necessary information. Then Save the details.

Step 3 : For updating details, select the existing data from the table on the right and edit it. Then, click Update.

Step 4 : For deleting details, select the data to be deleted from the table on the right and click the Delete button.

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