Editing Financial Year Details

The financial year is the accounting period that has 12 consecutive months. Towards the end of the financial year, account books are closed, profit or loss is computed, and financial reports are prepared for filing. In Account Mitra, an authorized user can edit the previously inserted financial year details. The procedure for the financial year edit are :-

Step 1 : Select the submenu Financial Year Edit from the General section.

Step 2 : Select the current financial year from the table on the right.

Step 3 : Now, the details will be displayed in the left and one can easily change these details from here.

Step 4 : After editing, click on the button Update for saving the changes.

Financial Year Ending Process

Year closing is a part of the company’s financial year closing. The user can set the new financial year beginning and closing date. Also, they can set a prefix for the new financial year.

The procedure for the financial year ending is :-

Step 1 : Click on the submenu Year Closing from the General section.

Step 2 : Previous financial year will be displayed on the top of the form and the new financial year will begin from the next date of financial year closing and ends after 12 months.

Step 3 : User can set a prefix for vouchers from this form.

Step 4 : Click the button Continue on the bottom of the form and Select “Yes” (for the confirmation question) if you want to close the current financial year.

Setting of Backup Path

The location for storing the backup files is set from here. It can be any location in the system that the user prefers. The basic steps to selecting an automatic backup path are;

Step 1 : Select the submenu Backup Path from the General section.

Step 2 : For removing the existing backup location, click the Clear button on the left of the form

Step 3 : For selecting a new location, click File Path on the left of the textbox.

Step 4 : Select the location for storing backup(also can create new folders) and click Ok.

Step 5 : Click OK on the right of the textbox for saving the location.

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