Payroll section of Account Mitra deals with the list of employees and the total amount of money an organization spend on its employees. Before salary calculation, a user needs to manually create payroll head, employees and to set salary details. The payroll module will simplify the complex salary calculation process and will provide accurate results.

Creating Payroll Head

Payroll heads are different components that will affect the salary structure of an employee. These values will be fixed or variable depending on the payroll head. In some instances, these values will be added with the basic salary or will be deducted from the basic salary.

The procedure for creating/updating/deleting payroll head are :-

Step 1 : Select the Submenu Payroll Head from the Payroll section.

Step 2 : For creating payroll head.

    Step 2.1 : Click the button New on the bottom of the form.

    Step 2.2 : Enter the pay head, addition/deduction, description, etc.. on the left side of the form.

    Step 2.3 : Click Save button for storing this data.

Step 3 : For updating/deleting existing payroll head,

    Step 3.1 : Search the pay head to be deleted in the table on the right of the form.

    Step 3.2 : Select the pay head and the details will be visible on the left of the form.

    Step 3.3 : For updation, replace the details and click the button Update.

    Step 3.4 : For deletion, Click the button Delete.

Designations in Organization

Not all the employees in the organization will work under one designation. So, this section of Account Mitra is used for inserting different designations in your organization. Users can create new designation or can delete/update existing designation

The procedure for creating/deleting/updating designation are :-

Step 1 : Select the submenu Designation from the Payroll section.

Step 2 : For creating new designation,

    Step 2.1 : Click on the button New in the bottom of the page.

    Step 2.2 : Enter the designation name and a brief description.

    Step 2.3 : Click the Save button.

Step 3 : For updating/deleting existing designation,

    Step 3.1 : Select the designation to be deleted or updated from the table on the right.

    Step 3.2 : For updating, edit details visible on the left of form and click Update.

    Step 3.3 : For deleting, Click the button Delete.

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